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Gbenebro "aka"

Elder Dempster is a singer, songwriter and record producer. He started having nft revelation of songs in the late 90’s and didn’t realize early enough his call into the music ministry until his study days in the University at Enugu when he was enlisted to play with the 82 Division Nigeria Army Band Corp as their lead vocalist between 1999 -2001. From then started receiving invitations to sing at evangelistic crusades and major Christian conferences and concerts. In addition, many leadership positions. He has led praise and worship in many churches across the nation and abroad. He has shared the stage with many great gospel music giants such as Ron Kenoly, Lionel Peterson, Alvin Slaughter, Martha Munizi, Asu Ekiye, Dr. Panam Percy Paul and others.


Elder Dempster stated, he is easily inspired and just appreciate music period. That’s what compose into his style. I can say most of the American gospel artists and few Nigerian artistes that were at their prime when he was coming up really played a part in influencing him. To mention but a few, Asu Ekiye, Sammie Okposo, Donnie Mclurkin, Darlene Zech, Ron Kenoly...


His inspiration comes from nowhere but from God. His word, experiences and the different genre of Music and great Musicians have had the privilege and the opportunity to listen to.

1st Country Release!
Country Song Video

Elder Dempster is a Nigerian award-winning Gospel Artist best known for his high impact anointed praise & worship style performance. He has a large music catalog the expands over many years of singing, writing and performing to audiences globally. To book this sought-after artist book today! Read his newest project below.

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Made the Chart
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